Our Design Process



Step 1

General overview
General overview

The first step in our design process is to get a general overview of the project. Before sitting down and starting the process of creating the design we need to be clear on our goals.

The careful examination of the information provided by the client, and studying the target audience of the project, will help us decide what the goals are for the current graphic design.

We create a functional partnership with our client, trying to understand the specific requirements, processes and the overall vision. One of the most important details in each design is an effective information structure, which will help us to provide a good user interface. After understanding the goals for the design and the information structure we can turn our attention to the visual aspect - the style required that best fits the needs of the project.

Step 2

Hand sketching

The second step is sketching the design on paper. It is faster to record our vision this way and we can make as many sketches as needed until we come up with one that matches our vision.

This mainly consists of overall page structure and proportions, level one and other global navigation, main areas, any other key graphical elements.

We are also trying to solve usability issues that can come up at later stages, spotting at first glance the most important elements. We try to make the design user-friendly and we strongly believe that the key point is getting a good idea of where visitors will look. Our main job is to balance the relative noticeability of all the visual elements on the page, so that visitors will be drawn to the things that are most important.

Step 3


Now it's the time to turn our image into digital shapes and colors. It's all about arranging the visual elements so they work together, making the design simple and easy or complex to use or even "thinking outside the box". The most important part of each design is to communicate with the viewers in its own unique way. We are adepts in web usability and we strongly believe that each visitor should be able to navigate around the site easily and smoothly, while keeping their attention and interest.

Finally, the result is to make the viewers "feel" what they are looking at. The information that is received from the words they read only completes their impressions.

Everything on the site must either:

  • Help your visitors achieve their goals, or
  • Support the site's goals without obstructing the visitor's goals

When the design is finished the final draft with our case study will be presented to the client for his approval.


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