Our Development Process

The development process we use comprises essentially six phases:

Step 1

Project definition
The Definition of The Project
  • Analysis
  • Planning
  • Clarification

The first phase is, as a rule, performed before the contract has been signed. For larger and more complex projects, this may require a separate agreement.

At the end of the phase the client gets a proposal containing the solution, price quote and the time frame. If everything is OK, the contract is signed and we move on to the second phase.

Step 2

Web site structure planning, information design
Structure Planning

In the second phase, the initial project planning will commence. The web site structure and flow will be created, along with the design of the application and database.

It is normal that the web site structure, the application design or the database design is sometimes modified during the progress of the fourth phase.

Step 3

Visual, graphic design
Graphic Design

During the third phase, the required graphic elements will be created and signed off by the client.

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Step 4

Development Stage
  • XHTML templates, static pages
  • Programming - TDD (Test Driven Development)

In the fourth phase, the graphic elements from the third phase will be changed into valid XHTML templates. At the same time, the backend application will be created using TDD principles to make sure it is stable.

As the work on the backend application progresses it will be tied together with the XHTML templates.

Step 5

Beta Testing
Beta Testing Stage

The fifth phase contains the beta testing of the web site/application; if any bugs/errors are discovered they are fixed.

During the same process, the accessibility of the web site/application is tested, and if any potential issues are located they will be investigated and improved until the accessibility is at an acceptable level.

Step 6


During the sixth and final phase, the project will be signed off by the client. When the final payment has been received, the web site/application will be deployed.

On larger and more complex projects the development process can follow iterations, finalizing pieces of the final project during each iteration. On smaller projects, some of the phases might be combined.


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