The Kaizen Team

Sven Arild Helleland - Founder / Manager / Lead Developer

Founder / Lead Developer

Formally educated as an electronics engineer, he moved on to web development in 2004 after having it as a hobby for almost a decade. Over the last few years he has accumulated a vast knowledge and experience in the field of complicated web-based applications working with everything from transaction based systems to high traffic websites.

He is passionate about clean, efficient and secure code. When working on a project he will not budge until every security aspect has been taken care of. When not working, you will find Sven training Kyokushinkai, spending time with his friends, or reading a book. He is also a member of MENSA.

Iulian Ungureanu - Project Manager / Lead Designer

Lead Designer

Iulian is an experienced multimedia designer who specializes in design, web usability and print mediums. His skills also extend into photo retouching and manipulation, and he possesses extensive knowledge of xhtml/css.

Having more than seven years' experience of work in this field, he is extremely passionate about design, about detail - "every last pixel matters" - and he has an excellent understanding of website layout and design usability.

Being a professional person with excellent communication skills, the main focus is always to help clients achieve their goals.

Nikolay Kolev - Senior Developer

Senior Developer

Ever since he was a schoolboy, Nikolay has shown a strong affection for logic and exact science. Playing at his local chess club, he achieved success at a local and international level. As time went on, his passion was transferred to computers and programming, taking part in local and international competitions. He is also a member of MENSA.

He has a Master's degree in computer science and seven years of experience in the web development field, specializing in object oriented programming. When working he has a perfect eye for detail and an inner drive towards maximum performance.

He keeps his inner balance by practicing karate and spending time on outdoor activities.

Todor Hristov - Concept Artist

Senior Developer

Todor started drawing as a kid, for him it became more than the normal scribble. It grew into a passion and pushed him into pursuing an art career. After graduating with a master in Commercial and Graphic Design from the university, he continued learning and improving by teaching Traditional Arts as a high school teacher. Having a dream about working as a concept artist in the gaming industry, he grabbed the opportunity when it appeared, taking his career as concept artist and illustrator to the next level, delivering with each project amazing graphic visuals.

Outside work, the same discipline and motivation push him toward fitness, following a healthy living with clean eating and regular gym sessions.


Maximizing the effectiveness of our work, we may use independent consultants for specific areas when the project requires it. This allows us to always deliver high quality products to our clients which surpass even their highest expectations.


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