Bryne Karateklubb

Client: Bryne Karateklubb
Work: Web Design
Release Date: May 2009
Technologies: Adobe Illustrator icon Adobe Photoshop icon XHTML icon CSS icon JavaScript icon PHP icon MySQL icon


We performed a careful preliminary research of the particular requirements for this project. Multiple meetings were held with the people who run the club and the project goals were discussed in detail.

The goal was to create a flexible but also a fully-functional and feature rich online system. The development of a specialized website like this is a difficult and time consuming task, but finally the result is more than satisfying. We paid special attentions to the smaller details in the project and this helped us achieve our final goals.


The design follows the project requirements specified and described in the research phase.

The graphic elements were created to make the website attractive, as well as to inspire specific hidden messages. The color scheme gives an impression of discret warmth but also shows hidden power. The form of the graphic elements gives the idea of freedom and limitlessness. The navigation is created to ensure easy access to the different parts of the website and to provide usability for all users.


The web site is based on our own framework "Kaizen"; we have also implemented specific features defined by the customer. The project was completed using PHP5 and MySQL.

A high level of security was implemented; the entire system is transaction based. This project is also a good example of OOP, which makes any future updates simpler.

Key Features:

  • Control panel to maintain the entire system.
  • Support multiple admin users with different access levels.
  • Advanced access levels for both page access and action performed.
  • Automatic log system for user actions.
  • Fully automated image gallery.
  • High level of security.
  • High accessibility for users with disabilities.


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