Client: Voice Marketing Solutions LLC
Work: Web Design
Release Date: October 2008
Technologies: Adobe Illustrator icon Adobe Photoshop icon XHTML icon CSS icon JavaScript icon PHP icon MySQL icon API icon


After the requirements from the client were received and clarified, we both went over and created the project specifications.

After that, several of the main competitors of the client were carefully examined in order to gather the needed information and to make certain that the project we delivered would far surpass the competition.

Further on, while investigating the project aims and purposes and the project specifications, we modified it and added new features. Then another meeting with the client was held, and the specifications were then finally reviewed and the additional features implemented to enhance the application were discussed.

After an agreement was signed, the development of the project was officially initiated.


The graphic design is strictly business-oriented. The large header image gives a majestic impression, while the pointing arrow indicates a real "breakthrough" in the direct and figurative meaning of the word. The color scheme is an advanced corporate colors choice, created to give a vision of seriousness and stability.

The white space gives a feeling of freedom, and the structure and the positioning of the graphic elements were designed for a better accessibility and faster access.


We created a custom store application, designed and developed exactly to the clients requirements.

The order system is fully automated, and all orders are processed without any human assistance. Complete order details, including delivery details are available from the control panel.

To be able to place an order, the customer has to be an iBuzzPro member. The checkout process automatically verifies that the customer has an account in good standing before processing the order.

Key Features:

  • Automatic lead delivery system.
  • Credit card processing (PCI compliant).
  • Complete order details available from the control panel.
  • Easy to use control panel makes it simple to update the site.
  • Simple to use checkout process.


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