Security Audit

Comprehensive Investigations of Your Online Security

Most companies have a wide range of security infrastructures in place, but very few check if their website is really secure. We offer comprehensive investigations into the security of your online applications/websites. With our experience in the field we are able to investigate and locate potential security risks.

If your internet business and your valuable information are not protected in the best way, the consequences could be fatal. These are risks that we can eliminate. Security is a vital part of complete internet confidence, which we aim to achieve for our clients.

There is no universal way to do a security audit. The scope and focus of the investigation are different for every application/website. Before we start, we will carefully discuss with you and finally specify the areas that are appropriate to audit for you.

We can conduct the audit in two ways:

  • From a "black box" viewpoint, i.e. with no inside information.
  • From a "white box" viewpoint, i.e. with detailed knowledge available

Part of our "white box" solution is doing a Source Code Review; we will review the code and expose issues in the code as potential buffer overflow issues, input validation issues, missing security logic, etc.

The "black box" audit reveals vulnerabilities by reverse-engineering your code/system. Both approaches ensure that security is a core component, rather than an afterthought, of your application development process.

With our security auditing services, you can be sure that your critical enterprise applications will maintain maximum uptime and integrity.



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